Unlock Your Future in Mechanical Engineering with Expert Internships in Design Automation & NX Open

Future-Ready Skills

Gaining expertise in NX Open & CAD customization equips you with future-ready skills that are highly sought after in the mechanical engineering field.

Seamless Learning Curve

Already familiar with mechanical design principles? Our internship provides a smooth transition into advanced programming and automation.

Maximized Efficiency

Automate repetitive tasks and streamline your workflow with CAD customization. Our internship focuses on practical applications that transform you into a highly productive design engineer


Gain CAD programming skills with NX Open API mastery and Learn custom CAD application development techniques


Enhance engineering software proficiency in NX Open and Acquire skills in API programming for CAD solutions


Develop expertise in custom CAD solutions and automation.

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Why You Should Enroll in this internship program

Mentorship from Industry Experts
Cutting-Edge Technology and Tool
Career Advancement Opportunities
Highest Salaries

For Whom this course is ?

  1. Mechanical Engineering Students and Graduates: Those who are pursuing or have recently completed a degree in mechanical engineering and are eager to enhance their technical skills and practical knowledge in the field of NX Open CAD customization and programming.
  2.  Software Enthusiasts:who have a passion for programming and want to apply their skills in languages like VB.NET, C#, and Python
  3. NX Open CAD Customization Enthusiasts: individuals looking to specialize in NX Open CAD customization and programming, providing them with the skills needed to create customized solutions and enhance CAD functionalities.
  4.  Career-Driven Professionals: Beneficial for professionals aiming to upgrade their technical skills and knowledge in mechanical engineering software to stay competitive in the job market and advance their careers.

No Prior Coding Experience Required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites for enrolling in this internship program?

To enroll in our internship program, you should have a background in mechanical engineering and a basic understanding of programming languages such as VB.NET, C#, or Python. Prior experience with CAD software, especially NX Open, is beneficial but not mandatory as we provide comprehensive training.

What kind of projects will I be working on during the internship?

During the internship, you will work on real-world projects involving NX Open CAD customization and programming. These projects are designed to enhance your skills in creating customized solutions, automating CAD tasks, and integrating advanced functionalities using programming languages like VB.NET, C#, and Python.

How will this internship benefit my career in mechanical engineering?

This internship will provide you with hands-on experience, mentorship from industry experts, and exposure to cutting-edge technology and tools. Completing this program will enhance your resume, making you a more competitive candidate in the job market. You will gain practical skills and industry connections that can open doors to exclusive job opportunities and career advancement.


Our NX Open CAD customization internship offers a unique opportunity for students in mechanical engineering to gain hands-on experience in CAD programming and design automation projects. This mechanical engineering internship is tailored to provide NX CAD training for students, focusing on custom CAD solutions and API programming. Engage in real-world engineering projects, enhance your engineering software skills, and work on impactful hands-on CAD projects

Join us for an enriching engineering software internship designed to propel your career forward.