8 Best NX Open Programs
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This ebook shall make you aware of :

✅  NX Open journals.

✅  How NX Open journals are made?

✅  What is NX Open?

✅  What skill sets are required to write your journals?

This ebook will help you get started with NX Open without fear of NX Open or even programming language and show you the benefits of automation.

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About this course:

1 hour, 55min of HD video tutorial
14+ individual video lectures
Detailed clarity on each topic
Certificate of CompletionTo Learn and

What is covered:

Types of Design Automation
Why Design Automation
Which programming language to learn
Top 3 components of learning
Top 5 skills for success
Type of companies that hire Design Automation skillset
Proven step-by-step system to master the skill
3 steps to master the skill - learn, implement, and scale
CAD software and its programming language combination

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About this course:

2 hour, 40min of HD video tutorial
3 Sections, 16+ individual video lectures
Certificate of Completion

Who shall consider this course:

Mechanical Design Engineers
Mechanical Engineering Students
Engineers with an interest in Design/CAD Automation

What is covered:

Introduction to NX Open
Block UI Styler
Block UI Styler examples

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Knowledge Session #1:

Are you trying to figure out ;

1) Which programming language to learn?
2) How much to learn?
3) Which topics from programming language are relevant for CAD Automation?
4) How programming helps you create world class CAD Automation programs?

Then this session if useful for you.